What is Design Build?


Design/build construction is a fully integrated project delivery system where a single company assumes the responsibility for both the design phase and construction phase of a project. This construction delivery system was developed in the spirit of the “Master Builder Model”, which was utilized for the construction of most pre-modern structures. Design/build construction offers the owner countless benefits such as one point of contact, streamlined communication, and increased accountability. Further, this process allows the owner to be intimately involved in the entire project from inception to conclusion, which results in a well defined project cost, scope, and schedule.

Generally, all owners have the same expectations for their construction projects, low cost, high quality, limited risk, and fast delivery. The design/build process is specifically intended to meet these expectations. This is achieved by integrating the design and construction processes. As a result the delivery system is more efficient and cost effective, while delivering the same high quality, when compared to traditional construction delivery systems. An added benefit to the design-build method is the ability to value engineer a project in a manner that doesn’t drastically alter the project schedule. Further, this process cures the typical disconnect that exists between the architectural design and the construction in the field that is prevalent in the traditional design-bid-build construction method.

Design/build construction is rapidly becoming the preferred form of project delivery method. Over the past 25 years it has moved from a non-traditional method of construction, to being widely accepted in many industries across the country. AnCor is recognized as a premier design/build construction company throughout the United States and Canada, and is interested in discussing how our services can meet your needs.