Career Opportunities

Project Manager

Location: Syracuse, New York and Phoenix, Arizona

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Plan review in a manner consistent with AnCor’s Design/Build Process

2. Communicate with project landlords and document data concerning rules, regulations and fees.

3. Interface with company clients in a professional manner consistent with AnCor’s Values.

4. Communicate regularly with office and field personnel in a professional manner consistent with AnCor’s Values.

5. Maintain project schedules and budgets in accordance with QMPM.

6. Manage all client initiated change orders and company initiated change orders in accordance with the QMPM.

7. Interface and communicate with company subcontractors, landlords, and owners in a professional manner consistent with AnCor’s Values.

8. Evaluate field superintendents on project by project basis.

9. Implement Company Health and Safety Plan with superintendents on all project sites.

10. Develop and propose ideas and tools to improve field productions, and communicate the same to management.

11. Perform routine site visits including taking progress photos to ensure project quality and completion.

12. Review and assist in the development of architectural and mechanical plans in accordance with the QMPM.

13. Obtain the requisite sign offs, inspections and documentation to close out project in accordance with the QMPM

14. Review and evaluate completed projects with design for continued improvements in accordance with the QMPM.

15. Evaluate subcontractors and suppliers.

Field Superintendent

Location: Syracuse, New York or Phoenix, Arizona

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Maintain job safety and enforce OSHA requirements

2. Oversee quality control of assigned Company projects

3. Interface with subcontractors and material suppliers

4. Building layout

5. Planning & coordination of all trades and deliveries

6. Maintaining progress schedules

7. Communicate with Project Managers on all Company projects

8. Execute all paperwork, including daily reports, safety meeting outlines, accident reports, equipment lists, and all sign-off at the end of the projects

Implement Company Health and Safety Plan and Policy Including:

  • Conducting and preparing weekly Safety Checklists
  • Conduct Tool Box Talks and document the same, prepare MSDS reports and conduct initial safety orientation meeting and document them accordingly. All safety documentation shall be forwarded in accordance with the processes set forth in the QMPM
  • Exercise discretion and independent judgment with respect to completion of all Company projects
  • Implement all management policies and operating practices in accordance with the QMPM
  • Carry out major assignments in conducting the operation of the Company’s business
  • Performing any and all duties reasonably necessary to complete projects on time, as directed by the Project Manager, in accordance with the processes set forth in the QMPM
  • Extensive travel throughout the year is required. AnCor will pay for a trip home every other weekend

Project Designer

Location: Syracuse, New York or Phoenix, Arizona

Special Characteristics: This is a licensed architect with major project responsibility and 10+ years’ experience. Plans and develops projects of all scope sizes and works under minimal supervision. Will oversee an architectural staff of designers. Responsible for interpreting, organizing, executing, and coordinating assignments. Plans and develops architectural projects concerning unique and/or controversial complexities that significantly impact major company programs. Involves exploration of subject area, definition of scope, selection of items for investigation, and development of novel concepts and methods.

Job Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Supervision of the production of construction documents.

2. Able to run a project of all sizes with no assistance or oversight.

3. Distribute Weekly Project Summaries.

4. Capable of starting, organizing and coordinating the early stages of a project. 5. Capable of performing a full code/accessibility compliance and life safety.

6. Understanding and coordination of Engineering scope of work with construction documents.

7. Product Research for potential products and materials which includes obtaining material data sheets, related BIM / CAD Files, and cut sheets to assist with the development of the respective design-build project.

8. Prepares specifications.

9. Conduct Site Survey Investigations and produce a site survey investigation report.

10. Attend and run client and consultant meetings.

11. Development of design concepts for client presentations.

12. Manages client interaction and decision making related to design for projects of all sizes.

13. Selects and prepares materials and presentation boards.

14. Research and implementation of applicable building, zoning, and land development codes.

15. Able to directly communicate and coordinate with governing agencies.

16. Obtain quotes for required consultants and perform preliminary qualification.

17. Construction Administration and submittal review.


Location: Syracuse, New York

Job Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. Research and maintain bidder databases for national projects

2. Perform quantity takeoffs for all required trade divisions

3. Perform detailed scope of work reviews on new projects and transferring scope of work descriptions into budgets for review by Sr. Preconstruction Manager.

4. Follow up with bidders via phone call, e-mail, etc. to ensure proper bidder coverage is maintained for bid projects.

5. Track lead times, unit costs, etc. for project estimates as directed by Sr. Preconstruction Manager.

6. Conduct pre-bid site visits and site surveys, as well as meet with potential clients at such meetings.

7. Prepare full bid packages inclusive of bid budget, exclusions/clarifications letter, client bid forms for review by Sr. Preconstruction Manager.

8. Perform final qualification review of bids and select contractors for project. 9. Prepare scope matrixes and perform final buyout of project subcontractors as directed by Sr. Preconstruction Manager.

10. Provide direction and workload to Estimating Coordinators, at the direction of the Sr. Preconstruction Manager.

11. Track and maintain estimating databases, template forms, spreadsheets, etc.

Qualifications: Highly organized and efficient. 5+ Years working in the construction industry in an office or field capacity (or Associates degree in relatable field + 3 Years working in the construction industry). Requires good math and communications skills, and proficiency in basic office environment programs (i.e. Microsoft Office: Excel, Word & Outlook). Other Requirements/Working Conditions: Ability to work in an office environment and on a computer for several hours at a time.

Construction Internship

Location: Syracuse, New York and Phoenix, Arizona

AnCor is looking for students to fulfill internship roles during the summer months and perhaps, even during the school year. We believe an internship is a student work experience that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom, enabling the student to gain practical experience as a professional under conditions conducive to educational development. The internship should introduce the student to the transition from college to work and allow for personal, professional development. If you are interested in applying for an internship after reading the program information below, please send resumes to Bob Picciott, AnCor – Director of Corporate Development

Program Goals & Objectives:

AnCor’s internship’s program goals are centered around providing meaningful benefit to the student, as well as to AnCor. The intent of the internship program is that the successful candidate will be qualified to accept a full-time position with AnCor upon graduation. Following our structured program, a student will gain an overall understanding of the both the design/build and bid/build construction processes as well as different managerial processes regarding design, construction management and construction administration in both the field and the office. They will observe and participate in all aspects of AnCor’s processes. Providing the right experience will allow the student to integrate and utilize classroom gained knowledge and apply that knowledge to situations presented via the work experience. By the end of their experience, the student will have a comprehensive knowledge of design and construction processes as well as having gained a network of industry professionals. This program benefits the student moving forward being to better evaluate career alternatives.

Educational Background Requirements & Eligibility:

The internship program is open to college students studying a relevant field of education. I.E. Construction Management, Construction Engineering, Architecture, etc. Time Requirements: The internship positions offered during the summer months are considered seasonal part time hourly positions. Expectations would be for a 40-hour work week but may vary depending on individual circumstances. Start and end dates will coincide with the student’s school schedule.

Work Attire & Environment:

Students will be expected to follow the company dress code while in the office. While in the field, interns will be expected to where clothing and footwear suitable for a construction site and all safety programs. Personal protective equipment will be provided by AnCor.


AnCor’s internship program is a paid position. Pay rate is based on relevant experience. All AnCor employees are paid on a bi-weekly basis. When an intern is assigned to be on an out of town project, AnCor will pay for housing and travel expenses. A per diem will be provided for meals. Interns will be strategically introduced to both our design and construction departments to get a comprehensive understanding of our entire design/build process. Job assignments will be based on company workload and student interest. The summer internship program is estimated to be 12 weeks in length and can vary per each candidate’s schedule.

Construction Interns:

After orientation, the construction intern will be assigned to the Pre-Construction department (approximately 3-4 weeks) From there, the construction intern will be assigned to a construction project manager(s) to observe and participate in various aspects of a project manager’s responsibilities (approximately 2-3 weeks) From there, the construction intern will be assigned to an actual jobsite location to train under an experienced superintendent. There, they will observe and participate in the various aspects of actual construction supervision (approximately 3-5 weeks). Once a good understanding of the field construction process is in place, the construction intern will finish the summer internship program by some spending time in the design department to get a comprehensive understanding of the entire design/build process (approximately 1 week).

Design Internship

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