Design Build

What is design build constrution?


Centuries ago, the Master Architects of the Italian Renaissance were also Master Builders. A client would place their project in the hands of a single individual, and entrust that individual to carry the project through to its completion. AnCor has continued this tradition with its fully integrated design/build process. What separates AnCor from other firms is that our architects and designers are in house.AnCor’s process offers a seamless transition from a project’s inception through its completion. Our design build team implements the following process:

  • Scheduling
  • Performing Site Analysis
  • Preparation of Conceptual Designs
  • Facilitation of Architectural and Engineering Drawings
  • Permitting
  • Construction
  • Closeout

AnCor’s project managers working in conjunction with AnCor’s design department allows for a streamlined cost effective construction delivery system. Our fully integrated process is designed specifically for fast track schedules and on time delivery. It eliminates change orders as well as the typical conflicts that arise between the architect, engineer and builder. By utilizing this process, the client has one point of contact for an entire project, which lets them focus on their core business, while AnCor handles all of their building needs.